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Success Stories

From Cleaning Dustbins to managing a Business

charlie_nxumaloCharlie Nxumalo was one of the most faithful members in our program. He joined us at the end of 2009, and then walked with us through-out 2010

Because of his faithfulness at every stage of his walk with us, he went from being on the street, to then moving into a flat and volunteering in Urban Vision

He later got a job cleaning dustbins at his flat, and although it was a nauseating job, he was determined to be faithful and not to quit.

Soon after a conversation about being faithful with little and God making you faithful with much. An opportunity opened up for Charlie to move to Mafikeng and to help manage a small business.

Now he is managing a business that is partly a shop and partly a bed and breakfast.

We are very happy for Charlie and even though we were sad that he had to leave jo’burg, we were also very happy that his life is taking a continuous upward progression.

So this is our very own Joseph story, the story of a man that was in a pit one day, then landed in a prison, and then almost over night, was placed in the palace.

Charlie went from living on the street, to cleaning up dustbins in his flat, and then almost over night he was placed as in a managing position. And we just want to thank God for that!!!

From Homeless to becoming a Property broker

ronnyRonny is from Limpopo, when he was younger he had a literal dream that he was working and owning various properties.

He left Limpopo and headed for Jozi, not knowing where he was going to stay or what he was going to do., and thus ended up on the street and homeless

We met Ronny in 2008 and began trying to help him become self sustainable.

In 2009 we placed him in a flat with 3 other Urban Vision members, and began try to help him grow to the point that he could pay his own rent

Cut a long story short, Ronny is now an Official Property Broker for Office Space Online. And his responsibility is to canvas the Joburg CBD, and then to begin sourcing clients for the company

Ronny’s story reminds us of Abraham in the bible, who left his home and his country, to follow God, but had no idea where he was going.

Ronny left his home and his family, with nothing but a dream and a word from God

And now he sits with no Matric and almost no other qualifications, but that same word from God seems to be opening doors and making a way for him. We thank God for Ronny, and for being able to play a small role in yet another God Story.